Kavindu Ediriweera

Director Youth Programme | Deputy Director Programmes

Kavindu Ediriweera is a graduate in law and a long-standing member of SLYCAN Trust, a non-profit think tank, and is currently serving as the Director of Youth Programs and Deputy Director of Programs at SLYCAN Trust. He has over a decade of experience focusing mainly on climate change, adaptation and resilience, risk management, loss and damage, human mobility, sustainable development, just transition, entrepreneurship, environmental conservation and restoration, and social justice. He has also been a delegate for Sri Lanka on a number of climate change negotiations, with a special focus on Action for Climate Empowerment, the impact of implementation of response measures, and Just Transition agenda items under the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement. Furthermore, he has also represented SLYCAN Trust Youth at the Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC on a number of occasions since 2012 and was nominated to represent Sri Lanka at the UN Youth Climate Summit in 2019 and Youth4Climate (PreCOP26 in 2021).