Framework for Youth in Climate Policy and Action



SLYCAN Trust’s commitment to youth empowerment addresses several key thematic areas and dimensions, including capacity-building and fostering enhanced connectivity and collaboration to enable youth to actively participate in policy and action at a global scale. In line with this commitment, SLYCAN Trust and SLYCAN Trust Youth have initiated the development of a Framework for Youth in Climate Policy and Action, which is designed to facilitate constructive and collaborative solution-building among youth. It builds on activities that were conducted as part of the United Nations Food Systems Summit in 2020 as well as the youth–focused programmes and projects of SLYCAN Trust and SLYCAN Trust Youth. The framework aims to establish a structured approach for youth engagement that aligns with relevant areas of focus under the UNFCCC process, including Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE); other relevant national and international processes; and existing youth-focused programmes and initiatives such as the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change, the EthicalX: Climate & Innovation Hub, the Youth Partnership on Climate Risk Management, and ClimaComms.


The activities related to the development of the framework include:  

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