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Committed to the pillars of Action for Climate Empowerment, and with the goals of capacity building, raising awareness, fostering public participation, and empowering youth in the climate action space, the SLYCAN Trust Youth team, in collaboration with ClimaComms,--an innovative brand of SLYCAN Trust focused on climate communication through creativity-  is hosting 'Climate 2.0,' a global series of informal discussions. These events bring together like-minded youth to delve into topics such as climate communications, inclusion, partnerships, multi-stakeholder engagement, climate change, risk management, public awareness, climate-friendly food options, and more. Conducted in person, these dialogues have already been held in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Bonn and Frankfurt, Germany; and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Future sessions are planned for many more locations worldwide, enabling youth to voice their concerns and needs for a sustainable future. These discussions will provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by various countries and offer practical lessons to help youth better understand and address these issues.


  1. Enhance the skills, knowledge and confidence of youth within the climate action space through interactive and educational discussions.
  2. Increase awareness about climate change and its multifaceted impacts, promoting informed youth engagement.
  3. Encourage active participation of youth in climate action initiatives and decision-making processes at local, national, and global levels
  4. Create a global network of like-minded youth such as the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change which fosters collaboration and the exchange of ideas across different regions and cultures.
  5. Climate Communications: Improve climate communication strategies through creativity and innovation, helping to effectively convey climate-related messages to broader audiences.

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