Climate 2.0 - Climate Communication

11th March 2024 | 16:30 - 18:30 IST

ClimaComms Lab, Colombo



On March 11th, the SLYCAN Trust Youth will launch Climate 2.0, an initiative for informal discussions at Climalabs, a space dedicated to climate conversations by SLYCAN Trust. As the first initiative, the discussion will focus on the topic of climate communications, delving into the local and international structure of climate news reporting and its accessibility to consumers. The dialogue will be interactive, allowing participants to present ideas on topics such as media coverage of significant events like the UN Mangrove Restoration Award and how policy changes related to climate action are reported. Additionally, we'll explore using visual mediums to effectively communicate climate change, aiming to engage and educate audiences better. Discussion on the accessibility of climate change information and evaluating credibility will be highlighted. This open dialogue will provide a platform for those working within the climate domain, including researchers and learners, as well as individuals within the communication domain, such as journalists and visual graphics designers, to share insights and collaborate in a small group setting.


  1. Launch Climate 2.0 initiative- Initiate and establish Climate 2.0 as an informal dialogue platform at Climalabs, dedicated to fostering discussions on climate-related topics.
  2. Foster interactive dialogue- Encourage active participation and engagement among participants during the event, enabling them to share their perspectives, ideas, and suggestions on various aspects of climate communication.
  3. Explore effective communication strategies- Explore and discuss the efficacy of different communication strategies, including the use of visual mediums, to effectively convey messages about climate change and engage diverse audiences.
  4. Assess media coverage and information accessibility- Evaluate the media coverage of significant climate-related events and assess the accessibility and credibility of climate change information sources utilized by participants.
  5. Facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange-  Provide a collaborative platform for individuals working within the climate domain and other fields to share insights, collaborate on innovative solutions, and contribute to advancing effective climate communication strategies.

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