Celebrating Climate Resilient Realities: spotlighting youth perspectives on the path to resilience

December 3rd, 2023 | 11:00 - 11:55 GST

Children and Youth Pavilion, COP28, Dubai, UAE



The event titled "Celebrating Climate Resilient Realities: spotlighting youth perspectives on the path to resilience” was held on the 3rd of December as a side event parallel to the COP28 sessions in Dubai, UAE . This exhibition spotlighted climate resilience, human mobility, and non-economic or cultural L&D, and climate disaster management from grassroots up in a comprehensive manner.

It provided a platform for youth to share their climate resilience experiences, created evidence-based resources, and aided youth-led initiatives. By fostering cross-regional collaboration, it amplified young leaders' voices from developing countries in decision-making.

Selected photos from an open call were showcased under the themes, "Youth in Resilience: Stories and Innovations from Vulnerable Communities in Developing Countries," "A Visual Journey of Climate Resilience: Education, Awareness, and Adaptation," and "Impacts and Costs: Documenting Climate Change's Impact on Women and Youth."


  1. Empower youth from developing countries through a photography exhibition showcasing climate disasters and resilience to actively address climate-induced loss and damage (L&D) comprehensively.
  2. Curate and showcase selected photographs to create evidence-based resources depicting climate change impacts on communities, especially youth and non-economic or cultural L&D, supporting youth-led initiatives within the UNFCCC framework.
  3. Foster cross-regional collaboration among youth, ensuring inclusive decision-making, amplifying youth voices, and exchanging expertise to enhance community and ecosystem resilience to climate change.

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